poster 'Omzien in Rock'

Poster design for the symposium 'Omzien in Rock (look back in 'anger') - the future of the pop biography' . With Tom Egbers, Gaston Franssen, Dennis Kersten, Haye Koningsveld, Lutgard Mutsaers, Maarten Steenmeijer, Rutger Vahl and Flip Vuijsje.

poster/flyer 'Audition'

Audition is a short film by Udo Prinsen / studio Carambolas, inspired by drawings of Auschwitz prisoners (sometimes made with fingerprints). 

Exhibition invitations

Series of exhibition invitations for gallery De Nieuwe Gang in Beuningen.

Donders Lectures 2014

Poster made for the Donders Lectures 2014 at the Donders Institute.

birth announcement TuĂ­

Birth announcement 'Tuí'.